Spring Fling

The Downside of a Blossoming Market I love working with buyers who have a solid understanding of what they want. I’m working with a young couple right now who, despite being first time home buyers, know what they are comfortable paying and what amenities are crucial. They haven’t deviated from their “must-haves,” and they don’t…

The Reduced Commission Greenwood Residents Deserve

Rocket Realty offers the reduced commission Greenwood homeowners like you deserve. People try all sorts of crazy tricks to save money when they are in the process of moving.  After all, every dollar counts during this transitional phase.  But instead of selling all of your furniture in a yard sale or hiring the neighborhood kids…

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The Top 5 Questions Asked at the Indy Home Show

The Top  5  Questions Asked at the Indy Home Show I really wanted to share these great questions with you the week after the show, but the alarming tactic used by agents to get more of your money, which we posted last week, was just too important to wait another week. So if you haven’t…

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Can You REALLY Trust Your Realtor?

Speechless… I’m still reeling from the incident that left me speechless Thursday evening. And let me say, I’m never speechless! But this woman’s words were so unbelievable and unethical, I couldn’t muster an intelligible response. She said to me… “It’s simple economics. I only show buyers houses that I can make the most money on….

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What’s the Catch?

There Is NO Catch! We had a blast at the Indy Home Show last week. We had the pleasure of talking real estate with hundreds of people, all intrigued by the possibility of only paying 4.5% total commission. But a question we get asked A LOT that I didn’t see coming was, “WHAT’S THE CATCH?”…

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Come See Us at the Indy Home Show!

The Show Awaits! We’re going to be at the Indy Home Show from January 23rd – February 1st! That’s 10 glorious days of all things HOME. We’re excited to meet with homeowners who want a better way to sell their house than the way it’s always been done. No 6% or 7% commission (that’s crazy!),…

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Commissions: Where Your Money Really Goes

Realtor’s Best Kept Secret Have you ever wondered how real estate agents get paid? Maybe you assume they get the entire commission after closing (some do!). Or maybe you assume that your agent only gets a small portion after their managing broker takes their cut (this is true for many agents). Let’s delve into the…

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I Have a Question

How To Be Ready With Answers Your real estate agent is going to ask you a million questions. How old is the roof? What’s the best way to reach you? Can I put a lockbox on the front door? Does the refrigerator stay with the house? And on and on and on… All that is…

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Is Bigger Really Better?

Sometimes, bigger is way better. Bigger ice cream cones are better than smaller ones. Bigger bonus checks are better than smaller checks. And bigger diamonds are better than smaller diamonds (my friend Jenni Ruiz thought I should add that last one to the list). But bigger things can also mean bigger challenges. A bigger tax…

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A Highly Trained Professional?

Getting a license to cut someone’s hair is no small thing. According to www.in.gov/pla, cosmetologists in the state of Indiana must have a MINIMUM of 1500 hours of education before they are eligible to apply for a license. Wowza! As reported by www.hackcollege.com, the cost of that education has an average price tag of $4,420….