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A Good Friend

The Value of Friendship Friends are important, aren’t they? They make us laugh, give us companionship, and join us on our adventures. I am blessed with gobs of good friends. Some are from high school, some from college, some from past jobs, and some are from church. I even have a few good friends that…

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How Do I Sell My House Fishers Residents’ FAQs

How do I sell my house Fishers residents often ask.  Check out the answers to this question and more from Rocket Realty agents. Whether it is how do I list, show, or sell my house Fishers residents like you are asking the right questions about real estate.  If you are a first time seller, getting…

The Reduced Commission Greenwood Residents Deserve

Rocket Realty offers the reduced commission Greenwood homeowners like you deserve. People try all sorts of crazy tricks to save money when they are in the process of moving.  After all, every dollar counts during this transitional phase.  But instead of selling all of your furniture in a yard sale or hiring the neighborhood kids…

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The Top 5 Questions Asked at the Indy Home Show

The Top  5  Questions Asked at the Indy Home Show I really wanted to share these great questions with you the week after the show, but the alarming tactic used by agents to get more of your money, which we posted last week, was just too important to wait another week. So if you haven’t…

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The Reduced Commission Fishers Residents Won’t Find Anywhere Else

Rocket Realty is dedicated to saving you money with reduced commission that residents won’t find anywhere else. If you are a homeowner in Fishers and are planning to sell your house, you need to get the facts about Rocket Realty before you look anywhere else for real estate services.  Instead of settling for the usual…

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Can You REALLY Trust Your Realtor?

Speechless… I’m still reeling from the incident that left me speechless Thursday evening. And let me say, I’m never speechless! But this woman’s words were so unbelievable and unethical, I couldn’t muster an intelligible response. She said to me… “It’s simple economics. I only show buyers houses that I can make the most money on….

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What’s the Catch?

There Is NO Catch! We had a blast at the Indy Home Show last week. We had the pleasure of talking real estate with hundreds of people, all intrigued by the possibility of only paying 4.5% total commission. But a question we get asked A LOT that I didn’t see coming was, “WHAT’S THE CATCH?”…