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Don’t Let Your Client Miss Out On This Flat Fee Agent

Rocket Realty is the flat fee agent your clients need to know about when the time comes to sell their home. When a client calls you asking about a flat fee agent they can trust, what are they really looking for?  After years of working for a title company, you are probably well aware of…

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Clients’ Needs First – ALWAYS

Core Values Series 1 of 6 We’re kicking off our series of helping you understand our internal core values by examining the requirement that our clients’ needs must always come first. This might seem pretty straightforward, but truly committing to this value can take real courage, self-awareness, and sacrifice on the part of the agent….


5 Reason This Flat Rate REALTOR Stands Out

Your clients deserve a flat rate realtor who can provide outstanding services at fair prices; make sure they know about Rocket Realty. As a member of a title company, you play an important role in the lives of the buyers and sellers you serve. Although they may initially come to you for help with particular…

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Getting to the Core

How We Stand Out From The Rest One of the first things we did when we formed Rocket Realty was ask ourselves who we wanted to be. That was an easy question for us to answer. We wanted to be the solution to a problem. We wanted to be leaders in our industry. And we…

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Don’t Miss This Flat Rate Real Estate Broker

Get service unlike any other when Rocket Realty is your flat rate real estate broker. Who are you going to trust when the time comes to sell your home?  Who can you count on for excellent service and savings throughout your real estate process?  Before you begin the journey of selling your home, you want…

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You Called, Rocket Answered!

You Know When You’ve Made the Right Call I had the opportunity to talk to a new prospect the other day, and our conversation was the quintessence of why we do what we do. I’ll call her Natalie. She called our toll-free number and asked to speak to an agent. I don’t list houses myself,…

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How Do I Sell My House Without A Realtor In Fishers?

Need to know the answer to “How do I sell my house without a realtor in Fishers?” Rocket Realty can help. Any good adventure starts with a few questions.  What are my goals?  How am I going to do this?  Who can help me along the way?  When it comes to the adventure of selling…

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Lenders Are a Girl’s (and Guy’s) Best Friend

Lenders and diamonds, of course. But I digress… Lenders are a key component to your real estate transaction. They can fix big hiccups, anticipate issues, and go a long way to setting you up for a great transaction even before you tour your first house. You can go through a bank or a mortgage broker,…

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How Should I List My Property Fishers Families Ask

When asking the question how should I list my property Fishers homeowners turn to Rocket Realty for answers they can trust. At Rocket Realty, we know how important it is to Fishers residents to have a real estate agent who really listens.  You know your home, your schedule, and how you want the real estate…