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As a title company, a part of your job is often to steer clients towards real estate services they may need.  At Rocket Realty, we know that you have the clients’ best interests in mind; you want to recommend the agent who can help them achieve their goals while saving them money.  So, for sellers who want to list their home FSBO but still need help with certain aspects, make sure that you recommend the a la carte broker who can provide the full range of services they may need.  From flat rates on closing papers to listings or even showings, your clients will find the help they need from Rocket Realty.

  1. Flat Fee Closing Papers

a la carte brokerOne of the primary services clients look for from an a la carte broker is help with closing papers.  Many clients are intimidated by these complicated documents and need the assistance of an expert to navigate them well.  At Rocket Realty, members of our team specialize in this area, allowing us to provide outstanding services.  Equally important to many clients, we provide these services for a flat fee.  So, they can be confident that the low price they pay for this service will remain the same from start to finish.

  1. Full Listings

One of the most important jobs of a real estate agent or a la carte broker is to list the owner’s property in the MLS system.  Because information listed here quickly spreads to other major sites, it is imperative that the listing agent gets all information submitted correctly and clearly the first time.  At Rocket Realty, we understand the importance of a high quality listing and are committed to presenting your client’s home perfectly the first time.

  1. Centralized Showings

Let’s face it.  Not every client who wants to sell his or her home FSBO ends up having the time to schedule and follow through on the showings necessary to make the sale.  However, with Centralized Showings through Rocket Realty, interested parties can contact our agents at any time to schedule a showing.  This secure and efficient option ensures that the agent is able to connect with as many interested parties as possible, helping to sell your client’s home more quickly.

The A La Carte Broker Your Clients Need

Make sure that you have the information your clients need about the a la carte broker they can trust.  Contact Rocket Realty today for the free, helpful resources that can help!