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As the cheapest agent in Indiana, Rocket Realty offers outstanding services you won’t find anywhere else.

cheapest agentAs a real estate investor, you are dedicated to going with the cheapest real estate agent.  After all, the less money you are obligated to spend on commission, the better return you make on your investment.  It’s as simple as that.  However, you may have been missing out on some of the surprising services you can get from the cheapest agent in the Indianapolis area.

At Rocket Realty, agents who really understand your business and share your concern for your bottom line are offering some fantastic a la carte services for amazing, flat rates.  Don’t let going the cheapest option mean missing out on great services any longer; instead, check out these three services you can get with Rocket Realty today!

  1. Centralized Showings.  As an investor, you know the value of a quick and efficient sale.  You don’t want to miss out on opportunities to schedule a showing because your agent is unavailable to take the call.  In fact, many investors are concerned that the cheapest agent comes with significantly limited availability!  However, with Rocket Realty, you have access to Centralized Showings, a service which enables your agent to schedule showings for you at any time of the day or night with a security and efficiency unmatched by other options.
  2. E-Signatures. Even though your agent may always be available, you certainly are not.  You are often busy with other commitments, including work, other investments, and family.  So, constantly having to drive back to your real estate agency can quickly become an unnecessary drain on your time and resources.  However, with Rocket Realty, you can sign all the documents you need simply using your phone, tablet, or computer screen.  Without having to print, scan, or show up for a meeting, your real estate investment has become even easier!
  3. FREE Market Analysis.  Finally, as an investor, you probably have a relatively good idea about the real estate market as a whole.  However, you probably don’t know the specifics of the particular neighborhood your investment property is in.  While many agents will charge their clients for an analysis of the market in your area, we believe you deserve to have this information without paying a fee!

Learn More About The Cheapest Agent Near You

There are over 28 million real estate investors in the United States, and many of them are missing out on getting the service they deserve from their real estate agents.  Want more information about the services you can get with Indianapolis’ cheapest agent?  Contact Rocket Realty today by calling 844-5ROCKET (844-876-2538).

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