Robert Donica

Offer your clients a clear outline of the difference this flat rate real estate agent has to offer with help from Rocket Realty.

As a title company, an important part of your job may involve offering your clients the guidance they need to navigate the different aspects of their real estate process.  One of these tricky areas for many sellers is choosing the right flat rate real estate agent.  For clients new to real estate, that decision may seem overwhelming.  How do they know which agent is the best for them?  At Rocket Realty, we want to make your job a little easier with a clear list of five features that make this flat rate real estate agent unique.

  1. A Policy You Won’t Find Anywhere Else

What’s better than a way to save money that your client won’t find with any other flat rate real estate agent? …We couldn’t think of anything either.  But, when homeowners work with a Rocket Realty agent, they have the option for amazing savings if they end up finding the buyer themselves.  We are the only agency to offer a reduced commission if the client finds the buyer on their own.

  1. Revolutionary Respect

flat rate real estate agent In addition to unique policies, we are also revolutionizing the way that real estate is done. We’re cutting through the complications, the jargon and “the way it’s always been done” to bring clients a more simplified approach to real estate.  We find that a straightforward conversation not only offers more respect to the client’s intelligence, but it also allows for a better real estate experience overall.

  1. Teamwork that Works for Everyone

Rocket Realty is more than just a flat rate real estate agent; we are a team of specialists able to offer your clients the expert service they need.  We take a team approach to real estate, allowing our agents to specialize in the stage of the process the love, ensuring enthusiastic expertise from start to finish.

  1. Amazing A La Carte Options

So your client doesn’t need a full service real estate agent?  No problem!  With our range of a la carte services, sellers can choose the services they need without being pressured into paying for more than that. With up front flat fees and clear conversation, your client knows exactly what he or she is getting from the beginning.

  1. The Fun Flat Rate Real Estate Agent

How often do you get to recommend a fun real estate agent?  But, when it comes to Rocket Realty, this is exactly what clients get.  Because we’ve taken the time to simplify our approach and deviate from the old ways of doing things, we have made space to have a little fun with our work.  And in the often stressful time of selling or buying a home, who couldn’t use a little fun?