Robert Donica

Your clients deserve a flat rate realtor who can provide outstanding services at fair prices; make sure they know about Rocket Realty.

As a member of a title company, you play an important role in the lives of the buyers and sellers you serve. Although they may initially come to you for help with particular paperwork, in reality, they are also looking to you for guidance.  When they want to know where to find a flat rate REALTOR who they can really trust to help them with their real estate process, they turn to the title company.  After all, the chances are that you have worked with many more real estate agencies than your clients ever will.


At Rocket Realty, we recognize the importance of the work you do for your clients, and we want to help make it a little easier to give them the facts they need about local agents. So, below you will find five facts that your clients need to know about our real estate agency.

  • Simplicity That Serves. We’re taking a new approach to real estate, cutting back the unnecessary frills and keeping things simple in order to better serve our clients and pass our savings onto them.
  • Marketing Where It Matters. There is a time and a place for marketing, and we think we’ve figured it out.  When it comes to marketing the homes of our clients, we go all out, with the highest quality signs, strong branding efforts, and great internet exposure.  However, we’re not going to over-market ourselves to our clients with a bombardment of emails or use our clients for prospecting.  We’re here to serve them, not the other way around.
  • Specialized Team Members. With most flat rate real estate agents, your clients will only get the services of one individual.  This means they get this agent’s special skills… and also all of her or his weaknesses.  We don’t think that’s a great system.  Instead, we provide each client with a team of specialized experts in order to provide the best service at every stage.
  • A Discount You Won’t Find Anywhere Else.  If one of our clients ends up finding the buyer before his or her agent, we don’t think it makes sense to still charge a full commission.  So, if the buyer is found by the seller, we offer a reduced commission.  We’re the only agency you’ll find with a discount like this!
  • Straightforward Rates.  As a flat rate REALTOR, we are delighted to offer a range of a la carte services for a flat rate.  And, we promise to always be clear and upfront about these rates so our clients feel in the know throughout their entire real estate experience.

Learn More About This Flat Rate REALTOR

To learn more about this flat rate REALTOR and how we can help your clients save as they buy or sell a home, contact us today at 844-5ROCKET (844-576-2538).