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Life is good; let’s keep it that way.

Some people grew up on Great Value and Equate, those generic store brands at Walmart. For certain items it really was the best value: canned tomatoes, elbow macaroni, sliced bread, plain yogurt (if you eat that sort of thing). CBS News points out that there is no difference whatsoever between name-brand painkillers and the generic kind! Financially, it made sense to go with the off-brand.

Best ValueNaomi, a house-wife and mother of 7 child, managed to feed her entire family on less than $100 per week. And it wasn’t all overcooked elbow macaroni, either. Actually, she is renowned as a superb cook, hospitable, with an extra place at the table for anyone looking for a hot home-cooked meal. Chicken paprikash, chicken divan, lemon chicken (her family ate a lot of chicken, but at least it was good!).

Travel across the pond to France. Christine fed her four growing boys much the same way as Naomi (although her skills in the art of cooking were dampened by health problems and a general deficit of attention). Leader Price is her go-to. And the prices can’t be beat! However, Christine cannot differentiate between a good price, and good value. For a romantic dinner with her husband, she’s apt to buy the same off-brand canned, sub-par duck paté that she bought for celebrations back when there were four voracious appetites and only a few spare coins clinking around sadly in the bank account. But now there is money, at least enough to splurge the extra 50 cents and buy truly unforgettable foie gras.

What Christine doesn’t understand is the difference between the best price and the best value. A cheap price is not always worth it. And, sadly, because she buys subpar ingredients and dry, dusty cereals that nobody wants to eat, nobody eats them. They go bad, and she eventually has to throw them out, turning that “best price” into waste.

Rocket Realty is all for working hard, saving well, and spending well. We get the concept of the best value, and want you to have the best values out there.

We define the best value as getting the most for your money. It’s better to spend 50 cents more and get the juicy, marbled rib-eye than it is to buy a whole mess of dry pork chops. Quantity does not equal quality, and quality is a concept best understood as something that makes your life better.

That’s what we’re all about: making your life better. Whether you are selling or buying, Rocket Realty is committed to finding the perfect fit for you. So call Rocket Realty, the real estate agency that values what you value.

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