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Find out how Rocket Realty will match your investing goals in the best ways possible.

At Rocket Realty, we understand that real estate investors like you are looking for brokers that have experience in their fields, but are still knowledgable about what you need as an investor.  Sometimes going with the cheapest real estate broker is more appealing simply because it saves you money. But, before you make your final decision, ask yourself this question: Is the cheapest real estate broker investor friendly?

What does an investor friendly real estate broker bring to the table?  The simple answer is that they know as an investor you that want a return on your investment. They know that you aren’t simply looking for a home to spend your golden years in. As Bigger Pockets Blog says, an investor friendly broker will “help investors find properties that match their investing goals.”  An accomplished and “investor friendly” real estate broker will know exactly how to guide you on your journey.

cheapest real estate brokerSigns That The Cheapest Real Estate Broker Is Investor Friendly

Experience With Investing  – How do you gain knowledge in real estate investment? By investing in real estate. If your agent has personally invested in a property then they have knowledge on both ends of the spectrum. They’ll understand what makes a great investment and what doesn’t. They are able to see it from both angles and provide you with well-balanced information.

Honesty Is The Best Policy – It’s still true. You want a broker that will be upfront and honest about where they have experience and what they are comfortable with and capable of doing. This leaves the ball in your court, and allows you to decide if this broker will be the right fit.

They Know The Market – This might seem obvious, but it depends on what you specifically want to invest in. Does the broker know about the micro market? Are you looking to flip houses or would you rather rent properties? Working with a real estate broker who understand the market you would like to invest in will benefit you both.  

A Good Reputation – With great experience comes great references.  If your real estate broker has worked with investors before, preferably three or more, then they should have references you can contact. A good reputation among the investors they have worked with is beneficial for you.  Ask for references, and call those former or current clients to get real feedback.  Listen to what they have to say, good or bad, and make your decision.

At Rocket Realty, we can provide you with the cheapest real estate broker that is investor friendly. The best part is that our real estate brokers have all these qualities and more.  Pick up that phone and call Rocket Realty today, and let us start an investor friendly relationship with you.