Robert Donica

Rocket Realty is the superlative solution.

Superlatives. They’re as American as apple pie and baseball (and Kimye and Brangelina). The best. The brightest. The biggest. As much as we love our superlatives, we love to hate on them too. With one eyebrow raised, we ask ourselves the same question over and over again: is it true? Has someone really found the trick to the best hair ever? Or how to raise the smartest kids? Generally, the answer is no, but we still find ourselves attracted to the concept of the best, the biggest, and the most.

Perhaps it’s another side-effect of that old American Dream.  As we envision ourselves climbing the socioeconomic ladder, we want to imagine that there really is an attainable top rung, if only we have the right tricks up our sleeves, or even the right amount of heart and elbow grease.  Sometimes, those superlatives can inspire us and lead us in the right direction.  Often, though, they just serve to cloud our vision or conceal the reality of a situation.  

We need to look closely at the superlatives being offered to us at every turn.

Cheapest Real Estate Broker In Indianapolis | Cheapest Real Estate Broker Around IndianapolisSo when you hear of the Cheapest real estate broker in Indianapolis,” you do well to be skeptical. Sometimes, “cheapest” really means you are getting a good deal.  At other times, though it can be a smoke screen that distracts from other, more unsavory words: low-quality, unprofessional.

At Rocket Realty, the cheapest real estate broker in Indianapolis has nothing to hide. We advertise with pride our multi-faceted approach to saving you money, while never skimping on the service.

3 Reasons Why the Cheapest Real Estate Broker in Indianapolis is Also the Best

  1. There is no smoke screen. Rocket Realty’s headquarters is a non-pretentious, practically-located office. There are no gilt-frame mirrors or bathroom attendants. However, what we lack in show we make up for in substance.
  2. Our transition management is unconventional in the best sense of the word. Tradition dictates that agents take care of every step of the transition from contracts to title reviews. Since no one can possibly be an expert on everything, Rocket Realty has changed the way agents handle this process, providing each buyer and seller with a team, rather than a single agent. Certain team members have honed their expertises in different areas, so the workflow is optimized. Every chain is only as strong as its weakest links, so we eliminated the weaknesses.
  3. No drama, no mass emails, no exploiting the clients: these are the values Rocket Realty holds dear. Instead, we focus our attention on providing you with extensive marketing, upfront communication, and the lowest commission rates around.

So when we say cheapest, we do mean cheapest. At 4.5% commission, Rocket Realty offers a full range of services from the best, most committed agency at a lower price than you’ll find with other agents.

So yes, the cheapest real estate broker around Indianapolis is definitely the best.  But you don’t have to take our word for it. Call Rocket Realty today, and see how much you could save!