FAQs About The Discount Realtor Fishers Trusts

FAQs About The Discount Realtor Fishers TrustsRobert Donica

There is a new discount realtor Fishers families can turn to.  Rocket Realty has been providing outstanding service at reasonable rates since our establishment.  If you are in the process to selling your home, take a moment to get your frequently asked questions answered by the discount realtor Fishers residents trust.


What Does a Real Estate Agent Actually Do?

When you work with a real estate agency, the process actually comes in quite a few different stages.  First, pre-listing preparation involves a market analysis, preparing contracts, and establishing materials like a lockbox and sign. Then, a listing appointment is arranged.  This two to three hour event involves assessing the rooms and features, gathering area information, and determining the process to show the house.  Then, your agent will transfer this information into the MLS system.  During the marketing stage which follows,your agent will advertise your property in a variety of ways.  Finally, in the end he or she helps with negotiating offers and closing the deal.


Can One Agent Really Do All That?

When you work with some discount realtors in Fishers, you will find that only one agent handles every part of this process.  This setup demands one person to have expertise and enthusiasm for a wide variety of areas within the field.  Often, what this really means is that, at best, you will work with someone who is adequate at each of these stages of the real estate process.  At worst, you may experience a serious lacking in one particular stage.


However, when you work with Rocket Realty, you get the benefit of a team approach.  Because we work together, each agent is able to focus on his or her area of interest, specializing and offering you the best possible service.
If you have more questions for the discount realtor Fishers homeowners trust, let us know!  We are excited to help you better understand what real estate agents do and how Rocket Realty is revolutionizing the industry.

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