The Discount Realtor Greenwood Loves

The Discount Realtor Greenwood LovesRobert Donica

Greenwood homeowners are talking about the new discount real estate agency in town.  After years of impersonal services and outrageous rates, these new agents are transforming the real estate game.  Now, Rocket Realty is the discount realtor Greenwood residents can trust for out of this world service.

Discount Realtor Greenwood

We started out by asking ourselves what would make us the discount realtor Greenwood residents could love.  The answer was clear; we needed to simplify things in order to pass our savings onto you.  Not only has this dedication to simplicity allowed us to streamline the process, but it has also created the opportunity to specialize.  Instead of working with just one agent, our team approach gives you the best of each of our agents.  Better service, expert agents, and happy clients?  Simple.


Of course, when they look for a discount realtor Greenwood residents are usually in it for the savings as well as for the service.  So, at Rocket Realty, you will find discount rates not offered elsewhere.  For instance, if you find the buyer for your home, we offer you a reduced commission.  This way, you end up with full service at a fraction of the price.  A deal like this is almost impossible to beat!


Although our rates and services may attract Greenwood residents, it is our personalized and down to earth approach that really makes the difference.  We want to get to know you, your style, and your goals.  We want to know your deadlines and your dreams.  So, our agents take the time to build a relationship instead of just entering into a contract.  After all, we asked ourselves, why make the process more stressful when we could make it fun instead?
So, for the discount real estate agency Greenwood residents can laugh, work, and save with, contact us today.

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