For FSBO Contracts, Rocket Realty is There for Your Clients

For FSBO Contracts, Rocket Realty is There for Your ClientsRobert Donica

As part of a title company, you have no doubt seen countless For Sale By Owner properties come through your office.  In some cases, you have probably been impressed by the thorough work of the homeowners who come to you with all of their facts and forms in order and an agent for FSBO contracts already selected.  For others, you may have needed to walk them through the remaining steps in the process of closing their real estate deal.  At Rocket Realty, we are also familiar with this range of clients and are prepared to help them all with all of their real estate needs.

FSBO Contracts

Although we at Rocket Realty offer full services to those clients who want the assistance, we are also happy to work with FSBO contracts which only require these closing papers.  As a flat fee real estate agency, we offer a set rate to do this final paperwork required when closing on a property.  For one fair price which clients know up front, one of our expert agents will prepare the paperwork without the pressure or confusion which may come from other agencies looking to make an extra buck. Our goal is to save our clients both money and stress as they go through the process of selling their home.


So, when clients come to your title company ready to sell their home on their own, make sure that you have the facts about the agencies you may need to recommend.  Your clients deserve to work with a flat rate agency who will give them the expert assistance and discount service they want and need.  And once you have empowered them with the facts about Rocket Realty, we feel confident that the choice will be clear.
For more information about the real estate agency you can trust to help clients with their FSBO contracts, contact Rocket Realty today.

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