What To Consider When You Want To List FSBO Greenwood Region

What To Consider When You Want To List FSBO Greenwood RegionRobert Donica

There are some advantages to selling your own home.  The biggest advantage being you don’t have to relinquish the 6% commission to a REALTOR. While money is a major motivator to tackle the sell of your house on your own, there are some important  factors to consider when listing your home as a FSBO Greenwood property.

FSBO Greenwood RegionInvesting The Time

Consider the time you’ll be investing when selling your own home.  Time is your new equity when tackling the real estate market. Do you have the time to invest into staging, listing, showing, negotiating with buyers, and doing the paperwork?  Here are a few things to consider before listing your FSBO Greenwood property:

  • Prepping Your Home–  Getting your home ready is the first step before putting that For Sale sign on your lawn. Start those repairs, paint those rooms, and declutter! Scrub inside and out, top to bottom. This is where the sweat equity comes into play.  Don’t forget to call your title and mortgage companies to resolve any issues before you move forward.
  • Price You Home Right You’ve spent time fine tuning your home, and now it’s time to research how to price your home accordingly. Start researching the homes comparable to yours to see what they’re asking and what previous homes sold for in your area.  
  • Pictures, Pictures, Pictures– Now you must spend time getting the best pictures possible to market your home. Pictures are key because most buyers are shopping online first to see what’s out there.  Be sure to take a lot of pictures, and focus on the best features of your house. Now you can post your listing online, put a sign in your front yard, or send an e-flier to local brokers in the area.
  • Negotiating and closing the deal– Taking time to research and understand the negotiation process is beneficial to you and your potential buyer. Decide how much wiggle room you’re willing to give, and then let the negotiations commence.

You don’t have to take every step alone when considering FSBO Greenwood area. If you’ve gotten this far on your own in your house selling journey, but want a real estate agent to assist you in the closing paperwork, we can help. Rocket Realty charges a flat rate when processing your paperwork. Contact us today, and we’ll help you move on to your next journey.

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