FSBO Keystone Agencies: How to Get a Commission Rate that Works for You

FSBO Keystone Agencies: How to Get a Commission Rate that Works for YouRobert Donica

You’ve found your happy place. The 42’ Valiant severs the ocean, effortlessly clearing a path for her passengers. White hats, white linen pants, bronzed faces, sparkling champagne. The light music of laughter skips along, clinging to her shimmering sides wet with the clearest sea foam, kissed by the brightest sun. Out from under the lush green blanket of the island forest beckon bright forgotten beaches. The Valiant slips closer. She is everything you could want—strong, fast, double-ended yet sleek.

FSBO KeystoneShe is yours.

You murmur a prayer thanking your FSBO Keystone agency as you expertly tack into the fragrant salty wind.

True, you could have spent 6%-10% commission on the sale of your home. You could have bought a dinghy to row down Scuffle Creek, instead. Just imagine the hordes of mosquitoes that await to warmly welcome your arms and legs and neck and all the hard-to-reach places that they so expertly and inexplicably reach.

But that is not your fate; not when you have an FSBO Keystone area agency that can offer you a commission rate that could save you thousands.

You wanted to sell your home, but in the current market, you would have lost the money with which you bought your boat to over-inflated realtor commissions.

A Plan, A Promise, and the Perfect Product

Plan: The right FSBO Keystone area agency has a plan to sell your house that includes:

  1. Delegation of tasks among varied experts.
  2. Efficient communication that gets the job done, without pestering you all the time.
  3. Working with the good guys, so you don’t get garroted in red tape by grumpy inspectors or sly lenders.
  4. Making the most of technology to maximize the workflow, minimize the overhead, and fulfill their promise.

Promise: the right Keystone FSBO area agency promises to charge 4.5% commission. You won’t find those numbers anywhere else.

The Perfect Product: may include but is not limited to…

  1. One sold house…
  2. You…
  3. On your boat…
  4. Sipping Margaritas/Martinis/White wine with Crème de Cassis (pick your poison) listening to…
  5. The breeze, the gentle lapping of the waves, and the soft creaking of strong rope and billowing sails…

4.5% is a beautiful number.

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