The Flat Fee Carmel Real Estate Agency

The Flat Fee Carmel Real Estate AgencyRobert Donica

If you have decided to sell your own home, you are probably prepared for the work involved with finding a buyer.  You know you have to list, advertise, prepare, and show your home to potential buyers.  You may even be prepared for the sometimes tense business of negotiating with your buyer or their real estate agent.  But what about that complicated closing paperwork?  Did you know that there is now a flat fee Carmel real estate agency available to help with this step of the process?  The friendly agents at Rocket Realty are here to support you as you sell your home, and if the paperwork is all you need, we are happy to oblige!


When Rocket Realty is described as a flat fee Carmel real estate agency, this means that our agents are available to do the closing paperwork involved in selling your home for a predetermined, flat rate.  You don’t have to worry about commissions or extra services that you can handle yourself; instead, you simply pay a fair fee for the services you need.


Of course, if you do decide that you would like additional services when it comes to selling your home, Rocket Realty is also happy to provide an alternative, full service real estate experience.  If you have tried selling your home on your own but found the process overwhelming or frustrating, our experienced teams are available to provide the help you want.
Most importantly, we want you to know what your options are.  If you want to handle the sale of your home, up until those final papers, you can trust Rocket Realty for the best flat fee Carmel residents have seen.  And if you decide you want more comprehensive service as you sell your home, we are excited to work with you in this capacity as well.  To discover more about your options with Rocket Realty, contact us today!

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