Your Flat Fee Indianapolis Real Estate Agency

Your Flat Fee Indianapolis Real Estate AgencyRobert Donica

In the past, selling a home has been a stressful ordeal.  Homeowners like you have had to worry about finding a good real estate agent, negotiating fees, and working with limited information, all the while dealing with the immanent stress of moving as well.  Wouldn’t it just be so much easier if there were a flat fee Indianapolis real estate agency you could trust for reasonable pricing and clear communication?

It’s time to meet Rocket Realty.  We are a real estate agency with a revolutionary vision for helping people like you buy and and sell homes.  We didn’t get into this field ONLY to make money; instead, we want to do our best to help you save money through this transition in your life.  Everything from our simple property to our PROGRESSIVE policies reflect our determination to save you time, money, and frustration.

There may be other flat fee Indianapolis real estate agencies, but we are the only ones who offer you reduced commission if you find the buyer yourself.  It only makes sense to us that if you find the buyer, you should not have to pay the full commission to your agent.  Our only questions is: why isn’t every other agency doing this, too?

Our reduced commission policy is just one of the many we ways we are breaking from the way real estate has always been done.  Another major change we have made is to create room for specialization.  Instead of expecting one real estate agent to be skilled and passionate about every aspect of the process, we have created teams that allow you to benefit from the very best of each member’s abilities.
It is time for real estate transactions to stop being a negative, stressful experience.  We believe that when you have clear communication and a model that actually makes sense, there is room in each transaction for a fun and ease.  Instead of settling for another flat fee Indianapolis agency, give Rocket Realty a call today.

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