More Than A Flat Rate Broker in Indianapolis

More Than A Flat Rate Broker in IndianapolisRobert Donica

In your title company, the scenario is probably very familiar.  You begin working with a client looking to sell her home.  She is the do-it-yourself type and plans to list the house For Sale By Owner.  After all, she has the time and could certainly use the savings.  With her enthusiasm and determination, you have confidence that this plan will work out well for her.  However, the fact remains that she needs a flat rate broker in Indianapolis to prepare those final, closing papers. When she turns to you for a recommendation, who do you recommend?  Rocket Realty is one flat rate broker in Indianapolis you can count on to provide clients the service they need and the savings they deserve.


Since its founding, Rocket Realty has approached real estate with a unique perspective.  Instead of basing our business on our needs or even upon “the way it’s always been done,” we are driven by the desire to cut through complications and save clients money.  We keep things simple and pass the savings onto the buyers and sellers.  For example, if our client finds a buyer on his or her own, we offer a reduced commission.  This policy can save clients thousands and yet we are the only agency in the area who offers it.


This dedication to straightforward savings influences our work as a flat rate broker in Indianapolis as well.  When clients come to us, we get to know them and their goals through direct conversation.  Once we understand what services they need, we offer the low, flat rate that clients can count on, with no hidden fees or confusing explanations.  So for the service clients need and savings they can trust, make sure that you point the way to Rocket Realty.
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