The Alternative to For Sale By Owner Carmel Residents Trusts

The Alternative to For Sale By Owner Carmel Residents TrustsRobert Donica

Selling your own home can often be a tempting prospect.  After all, it doesn’t seem that hard, and certainly seems to save a lot of money.  However, before you start by listing your home on every For Sale By Owner Carmel  bulletin, make sure you have all the facts about your obligations and options when it comes to the sale of your home. Rocket Realty is here to answer your questions and share the exciting news about a new way to do real estate.

When it comes to For Sale By Owner Carmel homeowners often first think of the financial savings.  Without the outlandish fees of some real estate agent, you get to keep a larger portion of the equity of your home.  But, in addition to savings, you also get a major pile of extra work.  Before posting that FSBO sign in your front yard, ask yourself how much time you have to dedicate to the sale of your home.  Are you regularly available to stage and show your home?  Are you enthused about the prospects of negotiating prices and paperwork?

If the answer to these questions is yes, our Rocket Realty team is here to cheer you on!  Real estate isn’t rocket science, and we are confident that you can succeed in the sale of your home.  However, if you have hesitations about the time and stress expenditures of selling your home, take a moment to discover the Rocket Realty difference.

We take an innovative approach to real estate.  Instead of jumping on the bandwagon of high rates and minimal communication, we have created an open, direct, and affordable model.  If you want to do the legwork on your own and then get some help with the final paperwork, we offer a flat fee for this service.   Or, if you want the full service of a real estate agent, we are on board for this as well!  Even if you do opt for this arrangement and then find your own buyer, you don’t need to worry about money lost; we offer reduced commission for homeowners who find their own buyers!
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