Robert Donica

The answer is simpler than you might think.

If you start a google search with “How do I pay less…”, Google automatically fills in the rest of the sentence with the most-searched options:

“How do I pay less child support?”

“How do I pay less taxes?”

“How do I pay less federal income tax?”

“How do I pay less corporation tax?”

how do I pay less in Real estate commission?Despite the fact that these results seem to confirm sad assumptions about the average American Googler, this desire to save rather than spend is also reflected in one of our own top questions: “How do I pay less in real estate commission?

One difference, however, is that this question is not based on the desire to avoid paying necessary dues in society, but on thriftiness and the spirit of not getting ripped off.  

If you’re wondering how do I pay less in real estate commission, you’re not alone. Millions of Americans are getting fleeced every year, paying absurd real estate commission rates when they don’t need.

For the best real estate commission rates, try Rocket Realty.

Rocket Realty: The Answer to “How Do I Pay Less in Real Estate Commission?”

Rocket Realty is a discount broker who offers 4.5% commission instead of the normal 6%-10%. Depending on the size of the house you’re looking at, 1.5% can make a huge difference. In fact, FSBO Primer points out the fact that the high costs of houses today mean that the average commission rate is outdated and inflated.

Not only do we offer low commission rates, but we at Rocket Realty also encourage For Sale By Owner. Anywhere you can save: do it! And you can trust that we will be there to help with our  low commission rates, flat fees on a la carte services, and expert real estate agents whenever you want the help.

One of the things that Rocket Realty does differently from other real estate agencies is having different agents specialized in different areas. One agent is not expected to create a listing, find a buyer, draw up the paperwork, work with the title company, etc etc. Each agent has a specialty, and they work as a team in order to complete everything in an efficient, timely, mistake-free manner.  So, you get expert service at every stage of the process.

Even though you’re wondering how do I pay less real estate commission, this might seem too good to be true. Why would Rocket Realty charge so much less than the average real estate agency, while offering the best services tailored specifically to your means and ability?

The answer is simple.  We’re about decency.  We’re good enough at our jobs that we can make money and do well, all while helping our community buy and sell their homes. That’s the honest way.

That’s the Rocket Realty Way.