Robert Donica

The world of investments is a wild one.  How do you stay above the fray?

Shark tanks… Bear and bull markets…  Even a quick glance reveals that investing is a risky business.

At Rocket Realty, we understand that navigating the world of real estate investment can feel like a wild expedition.  Fortunately, you don’t have to go it alone.  With an investor friendly agent on your side, you can learn how to make good investments, minimize risks, and get the greatest possible return on your investment.  

What is an investor friendly agent?  According to Ali Boon of Bigger Pockets, it is “one who can actually help investors find properties that match their investing goals.”  Can any agent help you find properties?  Absolutely.  Will those properties match your goals, whether for a long or short term investment?  Not necessarily.  Only an agent who is familiar with the (micro)market, your numbers, and the latest investment strategies can really provide the leads and services you need for an effective investing approach.

3 Ways an Investor Friendly Agent Will Help You

  • Investor Friendly AgentShe Will Help You Learn The Market.  To succeed in real estate investments, you need audacity, tenacity, and knowledge. Above all, you need knowledge. Knowing what will sell and when to sell it is the key to a successful investment. An investor friendly agent should be able to help you with that.
  • He Will Help You Develop A Niche That Suits You.  Do you want a long term property with tenants, or are you hoping to flip one or more houses at once?  Every property is different, and the rules and regulations governing its sale and transformation differ as well. We are in the market, and our experienced team are experts on property law, the necessary paperwork that needs filled out, and the profits you can roughly expect. While we charge flat fees for many services, once you’ve developed a niche, you will be more independent.
  • She Will Help You Get Connected.  In the world of real estate, everyone knows everyone.  Without those connections, it can seem hard to break into the market.  Honest and successful agents can help you by connecting you with potential properties or great deals.  Positivity and professionalism are close to our hearts as well, and we can assist you in any difficult transitions or interactions.

We, the investor friendly agents, invest ourselves in your investments. Not only because your success is our success, but because we care.  Want to learn more about our services for investors like you?  Contact us today at 844-5ROCKET (844-576-2538).