Find More Than Real Estate Contracts With Rocket Realty

Find More Than Real Estate Contracts With Rocket RealtyRobert Donica

What comes to mind when you hear the name Rocket Realty?  For many who work in title companies, we are well known as an agency providing outstanding help with real estate contracts for a flat fee.  However, did you know that in addition to flat rate services for contracts and similar paperwork, we actually provide a full range of other real estate services?  Now is the time to discover the full range of our work in order to provide your clients with the resources they need for any aspect of buying or selling a home.

Real Estate Contracts

When clients comes to us wanting to buy or sell their home, we begin by taking the time to get to know them, their goals, and how they like to work. Through our conversation, we want to know which services the client actually wants and needs so that we can best support them, instead of just selling them a preplanned package.  We find that this straightforward and simple approach ensures a great partnership with the best results for each client.


In addition to flat fee services for real estate contracts, our team also offers the following services:

  • Full color photos and flyers
  • A professional, eye catching yard sign
  • Listing in the MLS as well as Zillow, Trulia,, and more
  • Centralized showings
  • E-signatures
  • Free Market Analysis

Most importantly, with any of these services, whether our client just needs help with real estate contracts or they want a full service selling experience, there are no hidden fees.  We are dedicated to helping our clients to save money, and we find that one of the best ways to do this is to provide a clear, full picture of expenses from the outset.  So, from day one, your clients will know exactly what to expect: low prices and outstanding real estate service.

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