Reduced Commission Indianapolis Hasn’t Seen Before!

Reduced Commission Indianapolis Hasn’t Seen Before!Robert Donica

Are you thinking about or beginning the process of selling your home?  Do you want help navigating the real estate process without an unreasonable price tag?  Have you been looking for the real estate agent offering the reduced commission Indianapolis residents like you need?


If you find yourself nodding, or even shouting, in agreement to the above questions, it is time for you to discover the real estate agency which is completely changing the game.  Rockety Realty has completely re-imagined what the experience of selling your home could be like, from a team approach to a promise about reduced commission Indianapolis has never seen before.


In the past, when homeowners like you began to work with a real estate agent, they were stuck with the same agent for every stage of the transaction.  From contracts and advertising to pricing and title review, this model expected a single agent to do it all.  Your hope, of course, was that he or she could do it all, never mind doing it well and enthusiastically.  At Rocket Realty, we realize that this model just doesn’t work.  Instead, we use a team approach that allows our agents to specialize their work and optimize the level of service you receive.  At every stage of your transaction, you will be working with someone who is excellent at what they do.


Of course, we didn’t stop there when it comes to revolutionizing the real estate industry.  Instead, we went on to create a policy regarding reduced commission Indianapolis residents can find nowhere else.  We asked ourselves why you should pay full commission to an agent if you are able to find your own buyer.  It doesn’t make sense, does it?  So, we offer a reduced commission for those sellers who are able to find their own buyer.  The only thing we’re still confused about is why we are the only agency with a policy like this!
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