Rocket Realty: The Top Agency Indianapolis Loves

Rocket Realty: The Top Agency Indianapolis LovesRobert Donica

In the real estate business, it takes a lot to be the top agency Indianapolis has to offer.  Rates, services, and results are only the beginning of what savvy homeowners like you consider when deciding where to turn for help selling their home.  However, since arriving on the Indiana real estate scene, Rocket Realty has been turning heads with their revolutionary approach to the industry!  Discover what makes us the top agency Indianapolis homeowners like you can trust for help saving money while selling your home.



At Rocket Realty, we believe in keeping things simple.  Instead of a fancy office and complicated systems, we stick to straightforward business practices in order to pass greater savings on to you. We realize that real estate isn’t rocket science; so, we respect our clients time, money, and intelligence through our clear communication and sensible policies.


Team Approached

If you have worked with a real estate agent in the past, you probably had to rely on that one individual throughout the entire transaction, from listing to closing.  At Rocket Realty, we realized that this means you aren’t guaranteed expertise and enthusiasm at every stage, so we decided to take a different approach.  With us, you will work with an entire time, which allows our agents to specialize in the areas they love, offering the best possible service to you every step of the way.


Reduced Commission Policy

Finally, our reduced commission policy is what really sets Rocket Realty apart as the top agency Indianapolis has to offer.  We offer a reduced commission if you find the buyer for your own home.  After all, why should you have to pay full price if you found the buyer in the end?  Homeowners won’t find this unique policy anywhere else!
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