Robert Donica


It’s all connected.

If you are a regular reader, you know that this is the culmination of a six part blog series. This series has focused on sharing our internal core values with those of you who care what goes on behind the curtain. Actually, we don’t have a curtain here. You can ask us any question, no topics are off limits. But I digress…

I’ve shared with you our first five core values:
1. Client’s needs first ALWAYS
2. Passion for the Brand
3. No Jerks!
4. Highly Accountable
5. Committed to the Team

But wait, there’s more!

Today I’m going to share with you our final core value: Success Defined by Results. If we execute the above five values with complete precision, but we don’t sell your house, have we really accomplished anything? Now it’s unrealistic to think we can sell 100% of the houses we list, but it is our intent to do so. If our team members can’t perform, they can’t stay. If they are fully committed to the first five values but can’t seem to get the deals done, we might look at whether or not they are in the right seat. But a failure to execute on the number one thing our clients need us to do – sell houses – means an agent will need to find a new role or a new company.

Look, I don’t consider myself to be a hard ass. I don’t think my agents would ever call me that, either. I’m quick with a helping hand and concerned ear. But I do know that a company chock-full of wonderful people who can’t sell houses is a sinking ship. So I work hard to do two things each day. First, I make sure the first five core values are being lived out by each member of our team. Second, I do everything I can to make sure they have the tools, time, and motivation to hit the 6th value out of the park!

More than sales

We don’t just measure our success on home sales. We measure our success by customer satisfaction, out-pacing the market place with days on market and sale to list price ratios, and by completing transactions without preventable issues. Words are nice, but numbers give us something to really hang our hat on. Your agent will ask you to complete a questionnaire at the end of your transaction. Please take a moment to do so. We really need to know what went well, what could have gone better, and what was most important to you. While sales numbers can show me a part of the picture, I can’t really define an agent’s success until I know how you felt at the end of the transaction. If you were happy, it goes in the win column. Success!

Good luck out there,