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Three Key Facts About this Discount Realtor

When you are looking for a discount realtor to help you sell your home, we know you have many options.  When comparing one agency to the next, things may start to blend together.  How can you really choose the right real estate agent for your timeline, style, and budget?  Fortunately, one agency stands out from…

Indianapolis Real Estate

To Prequalify or Not To Prequalify…That is the Question.

Ring Ring Ring… The phone rings. You answer. “Hi, I saw the house you have for sale at 123 Main St. Can we see it tomorrow at noon?” What should you say? Here’s a hint – it’s not YES!!!!!! Why Should You Say No While the desire to show your house to every potential buyer…

A Highly Trained Professional?

Getting a license to cut someone’s hair is no small thing. According to, cosmetologists in the state of Indiana must have a MINIMUM of 1500 hours of education before they are eligible to apply for a license. Wowza! As reported by, the cost of that education has an average price tag of $4,420….

Indianapolis Real Estate

Discount Rate for Full Service

If you are new to the world of real estate, it can be hard to know what to look for.  You know you want great service, and you also want to save money.  But how can you tell which discount rate is actually a bargain and which is really just the standard price with some…

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Get The Facts From Your Local Discount Real Estate Agent

If you are about to begin the process of selling your home, the first step is to start gathering the facts from your local discount real estate agent.  Although the “discount” sounds good, what kind of service will you actually be getting? Can your agent really get the job done for a fraction of the…

Indianapolis Real Estate

Realtor or Heart Surgeon?

You’re Going To Need To Sit Down. No, really, find a seat. I don’t want you to get hurt when you fall down after reading the following disturbing material. How much do you think a heart surgeon makes per hour? According to, heart surgeons make wages starting at $93 dollars an hour. With little…

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When Should a FSBO Do an Open House?

Know the Ins and Outs Of Your Open House First and foremost, let me state that I’m not a fan of open houses. They are far more a tool for agents to market themselves than a tool that will sell your home. But used wisely, and with proper expectations, you might be able to leverage…

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How Do I Sell My House On My Own?

You’re an independent person who likes to take things into their own hands.  When a job needs to be done, you gather the facts and the tools you’ll need to get started.  That’s just the way you like to operate.  So, it is no surprise that when the time has come to move, you begin…