Don’t Get Stuck in the 80’s

We love the 80’s! My ten year old daughter has her alarm ringtone set to Ozzy Ozbourne’s “Crazy Train,” and knows nearly all the words to Bon Jovi’s and Journey’s top hits. My husband dressed up as Axel Rose a for Halloween, and my 11 year old daughter frequently expresses her amazement that I could get my…

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Saying “No” Can Pay Off

Let the Fun Begin Summer break is here, and my girls want to do EVERYTHING. They want to swim in the pool, ride bikes, jump on the neighbor’s trampoline, and watch movies all at the same time. They want to sleep in, stay up late, have friends over to play, and be left to their…

Great Expectations

Actually, I could just call this blog “Expectations.” Because in this story, there was nothing great about them. Allow me to explain… Remember in my blog about Core Value #4 (Highly Accountable), I spoke about the importance of knowing when we (I) have messed up? And how critical it is for us (me) to say…

Spring Fling

The Downside of a Blossoming Market I love working with buyers who have a solid understanding of what they want. I’m working with a young couple right now who, despite being first time home buyers, know what they are comfortable paying and what amenities are crucial. They haven’t deviated from their “must-haves,” and they don’t…

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At the End of the Day

CORE VALUES SERIES 6 OF 6 It’s all connected. If you are a regular reader, you know that this is the culmination of a six part blog series. This series has focused on sharing our internal core values with those of you who care what goes on behind the curtain. Actually, we don’t have a…

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Glory Days

CORE VALUES SERIES 5 OF 6 I’m going to tell you a story about my high school sports career. Wait! Don’t go! This isn’t a story about how great I was at basketball. It’s actually a story about how average I was, but our team leader was exceptional. And it made all the difference in…

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Highly Accountable

CORE VALUES SERIES 4 OF 6 My Biggest Pet Peeve It’s confession time. I’m pretty patient when it comes to my children, co-workers, etc. But I have one area that, if provoked, will send me through the roof. It’s people who won’t accept responsibility for their actions or inactions. (Just typing that made my heart…

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No Jerks!

CORE VALUES SERIES 3 OF 6 Everybody laughs when we first share with them that one of core values is NO JERKS!, but we actually take it pretty seriously. Let me tell you a story… Once upon a time Many years ago, I had an employee who was a jerk. Let’s call her Tina. Tina…

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Passion for the Brand

Core Value Series 2 of 6 Great minds think alike. In my opinion, Maya Angelou was one of the greatest women to walk the earth in modern history. Her stories, hercompassion, and her wisdom will be remembered for generations. She has a lot of great quotes (like “No one has ever become poor by giving.”)….

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Clients’ Needs First – ALWAYS

Core Values Series 1 of 6 We’re kicking off our series of helping you understand our internal core values by examining the requirement that our clients’ needs must always come first. This might seem pretty straightforward, but truly committing to this value can take real courage, self-awareness, and sacrifice on the part of the agent….