Robert Donica

As a title company, you know the benefits of an a la carte realtor for many of your clients. For those on a tight budget or working to sell their house FSBO, being able to pick and choose only the services they need is a huge asset.  However, because many sellers just turn to these agents for help with closing paperwork, you and your clients may not be aware of the wide range of services actually offered.  At Rocket Realty, we are one a la carte realtor who offers a full range of real estate services, all for reasonable prices and no added pressure or complication.

Full Listing

a la carte realtorListing a clients house in the MLS system, as well as all other major real estate sites, is one of the most important stages of the real estate process.  As a title company, you are probably aware of the significance of getting the listing up in a quick, correct, and compelling way.  We are committed to getting everything right the first time and making sure that your client’s home makes a stunning and professional debut on the web.

Centralized Showings

If a client wants the help of a real estate agent in showing the home, our agents can be a huge help.  Not only do they offer the expertise and professionalism of an agent, but they also use the most efficient scheduling technology, ensuring that your client never misses out on an interested party.

E Signatures

No doubt you and your clients have all shared the same frustration of having to meet up to sign all of the paperwork to complete real estate transactions.  Wouldn’t it just be easier to do it from home?  With Rocket Realty, you can!  We use e-signatures, so that all documents can be sent securely via email and signed electronically, so the process can move forward without worrying about being at a certain place or time.

The Only A La Carte Realtor To Offer This Discount

In addition to our comprehensive selection of real estate services, we are also the only a la carte realtor to offer our unique discount.  If a client opts to work with one of our agents but then ends up finding his or her own buyer, we offer a reduced commission.  This reduced commission if the seller finds the buyer is unique to Rocket Realty and one of the many policies that make us stand out.

For more information about Rocket Realty and our services available to your clients, contact us today.