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Rocket Realty shares helpful strategies for choosing the best investor friendly real estate agent for you.

Are you an aspiring real estate investor?  If so, you may be enthusiastic about getting into the game; after all, there are so many opportunities awaiting you!  However, before you jump in too quickly, it is important to do your homework.  To ensure the best possible chance of success, you need to follow certain preparatory steps.  After you get your finances in order and have thought about your own investment style, the next step is to seek out an investor friendly real estate agent.  

investor friendly real estate agentAt Rocket Realty, we know that these may seem hard to identify in a market where everyone seems to claim expertise.  Fortunately, once you start asking the right questions, it quickly becomes apparent who is actually an investor friendly real estate agent and who simply wants your business.  Before you establish a relationship with any agent, though, make sure that you are satisfied with their answers to the following questions.    

Questions To Ask An Investor Friendly Real Estate Agent

  1. What Is Your Communication Style? As REALTOR Frantzces Lys rightfully points out, this is not your typical agent- client relationship.  Rather, “This is sitting down with the investor and understanding their long and short term investing goals.”  Typically, this will unfold much more like a long term partnership, making compatible communication styles even more important.  Just as important as starting on the right page, moving at a similar pace is key to a successful relationship.
  2. What Investment Strategies Are You Most Comfortable With?  As an investor, you might be interested in strictly long term investments and even leasing properties as you plan for retirement.  Or, you might be more enthusiastic about flipping properties.  Maybe you want to do both.  You need to make sure that your agent is completely comfortable with all of the investment strategies that you are interested in trying; especially at the beginning, you will be largely reliant on their expertise.  Ask about an agent’s experience and recent success with any of the strategies that you are considering to get a better picture of their actual skills.
  3. How Well Do You Know The Local Market?  Finally, you need an investor friendly real estate agent  who is familiar with the neighborhoods where you would like to invest.  A good understanding of the larger market will be mildly helpful, but when it comes to making a solid investment, you will need to take a much more “micro” look at things.  Ask potential agents about their experience in the exact areas you are thinking about investing to see how well they know the area.

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