Robert Donica

The Show Awaits!

We’re going to be at the Indy Home Show from January 23rd – February 1st! That’s 10 glorious days of all things HOME. We’re excited to meet with homeowners who want a better way to sell their house than the way it’s always been done. No 6% or 7% commission (that’s crazy!), and no open houses so we can make a buck off of your efforts (who DOES that?!). No closed-toed shoe wearing, over hair-sprayed coif sporting, Tammy Faye make-up look a-liking (I totally just made that word up), or canned real estate agents flashing big gold jewelry in your face and trying to pull the wool over your eyes. Nope, not at our booth.

You’ll Hear Us Before You See Us.

Indianapolis Real EstateWe’ll be laughing with passersby as they stop to get their picture taken with our super-fun astronaut cut out. You won’t be able to miss our big bold backdrop that reminds you that SMART people don’t shell out big bucks to sell their home. We’ll give you a simple questionnaire you can use as you march past other Realtor booths to ask them the questions they hope they don’t ask (see our blog post called “I Have a Question”). You won’t get bamboozled if you know the right questions to ask. We wanted to hand out beer with “Rocket Fuel” on the label to help you get through the long, arduous day, but the event organizers said, “Uh, NO.” Rats. But I want you know we tried.

Your Friends In Real Estate

See, we don’t believe in bullying you into needing a Realtor. We don’t believe in pressuring you into spending more money than you should for a simple service. We don’t believe in lording over you and convincing you we are superior in knowledge about your house (you know, the one you’ve lived in for the past 10 years and the one we haven’t even SEEN yet). But we do believe in encouraging you to get the best deal and helping you with all your options – EVEN FOR SALE BY OWNER! We do believe you know an awful lot about your house and just need the right partner to get it sold. We do believe you are entitled to better service and better results, at a better rate. We also believe you are entitled to drink an ice cold beer with us at our booth, but, well, they said no. Dang.

So come see us! We are going to have a pretty awesome giveaway – details coming soon – and we’re always up for some laughter. After all, real estate doesn’t have to be boring. We can’t wait to meet you!

Good luck out there!