Robert Donica

When you are a part of a title company, you can probably tell when clients are working with a great flat rate broker.  These clients have minimal stress when they show up in your office.  They have confidence in their paperwork and don’t have to worry if they are getting a good deal on the services they have received.  But what do you tell clients who haven’t found that fantastic flat rate broker yet?  One of the best pieces of information you can offer them is how to contact Rocket Realty, an agent they can really trust.

The Flat Rate Broker Clients Trust

Flat Rate BrokerA real estate broker is there to help your sellers with the particular services they need

performed in order to list or close on their house.  Rather than charging a percentage of the sale price of the home, a flat rate broker will accept an agreed upon price for his or her services.  This gives sellers the peace of mind knowing exactly what they will pay for the services they receive, rather than getting surprised by an unforeseen price at the end of the transaction.  At Rocket Realty, we have agents who have specialized in this aspect of real estate transactions, providing expert service for a low price. Clients don’t have to worry about paying for services they don’t need, either; instead of a sales pitch, we begin the conversation getting to know what services homeowners want and need.

Other Services from Rocket Realty

For some of your clients, a flat rate broker may be all that they need for those important pieces of paperwork.  However, for others, they may be looking for other real estate services as well.  Wouldn’t it be great if they could continue working with the same agents, rather than start the search process all over again?   For clients who choose Rocket Realty, this is one of the major benefits they receive. In addition to brokerage services, our agency offers a number of other valuable services to clients in the process of selling their homes.  They can even opt for the full service experience with our expert team.

No matter which options clients choose, they can have confidence in the straightforward and efficient approach of the Rocket Realty team.  We are dedicated to helping homeowners sell their houses and save money along the way.

Isn’t this the sort of flat rate real estate agency you’d like to introduce your clients to?  For more information about Rocket Realty, contact us today.