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Get service unlike any other when Rocket Realty is your flat rate real estate broker.

Who are you going to trust when the time comes to sell your home?  Who can you count on for excellent service and savings throughout your real estate process?  Before you begin the journey of selling your home, you want to be sure that you’ve found the flat rate real estate broker who you can have confidence in every step of the way.

At Rocket Realty, we have taken a radical new approach to real estate in order to provide homeowners like you a rewarding alternative to outdated and ineffective patterns in the real estate industry.  With exclusive opportunities to save and a straightforward approach not like any other, it is no surprise that homeowners all over Indiana are choosing to work with this flat rate real estate broker.

Simplicity, Savings, and A Smile

flat rate real estate broker, flat rate real estate brokers,flat rates real estate broker, flat rates real estate brokers, real estate broker flat rate, real estate brokers flat rate, real estate broker flat rates, real estate brokers flat ratesFrom the beginning, our approach to real estate has been unlike other real estate brokers.  Rather than following the same patterns that others have for years, we aimed to reimagine what it means to help our clients sell their home.  If we were you, we would want an agent who dropped the complicated jargon and held conversations in straightforward terms.

We would also want somebody who was really invested in saving money throughout the process.  And really, we’d want someone who could make the process fun instead of stressful.  So, that’s exactly what we did. We designed a real estate business based on simplicity, savings, and of course, a smile.

More Than A Flat Rate Real Estate Broker

In fact, when you work with Rocket Realty, you get even more than just a flat rate real estate broker; you get an entire team of experts.  We realized that different agents have passionate interest and expertise in different areas of the process.  Some people are just a natural at staging homes; others get a kick out of navigating the paperwork process.

Rather than offer you just one agent who can do an adequate job at each stage, Rocket Realty offers you a team approach.  This way, wherever you are in the real estate process, you are working with someone who is excited by, and experienced in, that specialized stage.

A Discount You Won’t Find Anywhere Else

Finally, at Rocket Realty, we are always looking for ways to save you money.  That’s why we offer this potential discount that you won’t find anywhere else!  If you have started working with an agent, but then you end up finding the buyer for your home yourself, why would you want to pay the agent full commission?  It didn’t make sense to us!  So, we offer a reduced commission if the seller finds their own buyer during the first 30 days of the listing.

For more information about what sets Rocket Realty apart as your best choice for a flat rate real estate broker, contact us today at 844-5ROCKET (844-576-2538).