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When you work for a title company, clients may come to you wondering where to turn for a flat rate agent they can trust to help them with the sale of their home.  Instead of handing them a list of local agents and wishing them the best of luck, it is important that you honor their trust with real facts about the agents they may choose from.  So, before you talk with your next client, take the time to get the facts about Rocket Realty, the flat rate agency you can trust to save your client money and stress.

A Real Flat Rate Agent

When a homeowner is looking for a flat rate agent, they want someone who will help them accomplish this specific step in their real estate transaction.  They are looking for efficient, expert assistance in preparing the closing paperwork on the sale of their home.  With that, they want clear, reasonable prices and a straightforward approach.

flat rate agentThis is exactly what homeowners will find when you point them towards Rocket Realty. We are all about cutting through the confusion that often plagues the real estate business; instead, we focus on helping clients achieve their goals with a clear and simple approach.

Saving Clients Money…

We know that one of the main reasons clients look for a flat rate agent is to ensure that they are saving money and only paying for the services they need.  At Rocket Realty, we support this wholeheartedly!  One of our goals when we started out this agency was to find a way to save our clients money.  When it comes to closing paperwork, the best way to do this is to offer a clear, low, flat rate.

…While Eliminating Stress

Of course, with some discount agencies, it may seem as though a discount comes at the price of a lot of stress.  With Rocket Realty, though, this is not the case.  We are dedicated to a simple, straightforward approach to real estate.  We value transparency and direct conversation with clients, instead of confusion or mystery.  We won’t leave them guessing about prices or about the quality of the work they receive.  With our team approach, each homeowner is guaranteed to be working with an expert specialist at each stage of his or her journey.

Rocket Realty

For more information about Rocket Realty and the ways we stand out as a flat rate agent your clients need to know about, contact us today.