Gary BlakeRobert Donica

team_img_05Gary rounds out our team with his logical and deliberate approach to life. Gary’s talent and interest in home repairs kicked off his real estate career 9 years ago. Flipping houses lead to a position working with distressed property which forayed into the traditional market. After doing hundreds of deals, Gary is excited to be a part of the Rocket Realty leadership team. “Times are not easy for any of us; home budgets are squeezed while values are rising and dropping like the temperature in Indiana. Rocket is offering solutions to help folks sell their homes without the ridiculous fees charged by traditional Realtors.” Gary reminds us to keep things simple and exceed expectations. Like Damon, he helped us scrutinize every step of the process to ensure a good outcome for our clients. “Every time we interrupt our clients’ lives, it needs to be meaningful, efficient, and effective,” he reminded us. And so it is, thanks in large part to Gary.

Don’t leave chocolate lying around and expect Gary not to eat it. He believes dark chocolate makes everything better (but really, don’t we all?). Other than cocoa derived confections, Gary enjoys Bible study with friends, eating out, and traveling with his wife and five kids. In the event he comes across some spare time, it’s spent making home improvements, car repairs, or helping friends complete projects. Gary is guided by the principle that he must “do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, but in humility and consider others better than myself.” That’s why Gary is a treasured member of the leadership team and valued Realtor.

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