Robert Donica

If you are about to begin the process of selling your home, the first step is to start gathering the facts from your local discount real estate agent.  Although the “discount” sounds good, what kind of service will you actually be getting? Can your agent really get the job done for a fraction of the cost of other real estate agents?  At Rocket Realty, we are ready to answer these questions and more to help you get the answers you need to find the right discount real estate agent to sell your home.

Does A “Discount Real Estate Agent” Mean Limited Service?

discount real estate agentWhat if we told you that you could get full service and still only pay 4.5% commission?  This winning scenario seems almost too good to be true.  And yet, at Rocket Realty, we have set out to make it a reality.  Our mission is to help buyers and sellers like you to save thousands while achieving their real estate goals in an efficient and stress free way.  However, being a discount real estate agent does not mean we cut corners on the services we provide.  Instead, we have taken a sensible approach to everything, starting with our own sensible headquarters, in order to pass on savings to you at every level.

Will I Only Work With One Agent?

When you work with some agencies, your discount real estate agent really is just one person.  However, at Rocket Realty, we realized that this model just doesn’t work as well.  The whole real estate process, from pricing and marketing listings to negotiating and eventually closing, involves a lot of different strengths and styles.  Why should you be stuck hoping that your one agent is an expert in everything you need him or her to do?  We don’t think you should have to take the risk.  Instead, we take a team approach, so that each agent is supported by a team of specialists throughout the entire process.  This way, you get the best that everyone at Rocket Realty has to offer, ensuring that your real estate experience is smooth and supported every step of the way.

What If I Find My Own Buyer?

With any other discount real estate agent, if you find your own buyer, you are still obligated to pay the full commission to your agent.  At Rocket Realty, though, we just don’t think this makes sense!  Instead, if you find your own buyer for your home, we offer you a reduced commission. This is an offer you won’t find anywhere else, even though everyone should be offering it!