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If you are about to embark on the adventure of selling your home, one of the first steps that you take is to make decisions about what sort of a real estate agency, if any, you would like to work with.  Some advertise themselves as flat rate or flat fee agencies, while others bill themselves as more traditional, full service real estate agencies.  What does it all mean?  And how do you decide what service is right for you?  At Rocket Realty, we want to lift the veil of mystery that has so often surrounded the work of real estate agents and help you make informed decisions with the facts you need.

What is a Flat Fee Real Estate Agency?

In real estate, a “flat fee” describes the set rate established by some real estate agencies to do the paperwork involved in selling the house.  When you opt for a flat fee, instead of working with an flat feeagent, you are taking on most of the legwork of selling the home yourself and simply paying the set price for the necessary paperwork.

Is this different from a flat rate that some companies advertise?  Not particularly.  Some agencies use the two terms interchangeably.  When you see a flat rate agency like Rocket Realty advertised, you can have confidence that you will find a flat fee for the paperwork of a sale there.

Flat Fees with Rocket Realty

Rocket Realty is a flat rate real estate agency.  So, as mentioned above, if you want to sell your house on your own, we are happy to offer a flat fee to handle the paperwork necessary to complete the transaction.  So, if you are interested in handling the work of advertising and showing your home, as well as negotiating with your potential buyers, then a flat rate agency like us might be exactly what you need!  Simply pay for the service you need without being charged for something you can and want to do yourself.

Providing The Options You Deserve

Of course, at Rocket Realty, we also believe that life is all about having options.  So, if you want to opt for just the flat fee and do the rest yourself, we are absolutely in support of that!  However, if you would like some help with other aspects of the sale or even the full service real estate experience, we are happy to meet those needs for reasonable rates as well.  In fact, if you do choose to work with a real estate agent and end up finding your own buyer, we will even give you a reduced commission.  No matter what options you end up choosing, you can feel confident you are receiving the service and respect you deserve!

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  1. marymatt
    14.03.2015 at 00:14

    I can’t figure out why more companies don’t do the flat rate thing. Percentages suck. We paid a company like $300 bucks. It wasn’t glamorous service or anything, but we saved over $12,000. Why don’t more people do that? Our friends are listed with some big company and will have to pay 25K in commission, give or take. NO FREAKING WAY is an agent worth that.