Robert Donica

When you’ve got the best, forget all the rest.

Scene 1: They fill their carts to the brim with 15 bottles of laundry detergent and 10 mega-packs of paper towels and 70 packets of Mexican taco seasoning. And then they pay nothing. Nothing! The extreme-couponers spend their days (and nights?) couponing, saving, scrimping. All to have a life-time supply of laundry detergent and Mexican taco seasoning.

Best Rates Real EstateScene 2: Your house, however, was often short on laundry detergent. While you may have resented the rarity with which your family had tacos, you were, for the most part, blissfully unaware. Unaware that your parents worked themselves to the bone to provide a roof over your head and to put food in your tiny, voracious belly. They weren’t extreme, but they, too, spent their time couponing, saving, scrimping, and always searching out the best prices: best rates for soccer camp, best rates on food, best rates real estate, best rates on their mortgage. They invested in you.

The only difference between scene 1 and scene 2 is that, in scene 2, nobody walks out of the store with a cart piled high with bottles and bottles of miraculously free Evian. In Scene 2, there is only hard work, and cashing in on the few opportunities there were to save. Which brings us to Scene 3.

Scene 3: The child they scrimped and saved for is no longer a child. Now it’s you. And you find yourself intricately bound up in the interests of future generations, as we all do at some point or another. You face the same struggles and the same questions humans have faced for millennia:

What do I do with the resources I have to ensure the path my children/grandchildren/nephews/siblings traverse is more comfortable than mine has been?

And the answer resounds the same: scrimp and save. You will pour out your time and effort to not waste that which you have. If you’re investing in real estate, you want the best rates real estate has to offer. And it’s easier than extreme couponing.

How to Get the Best Rates Real Estate can Provide

  1. Shop Around
    Don’t settle for the first real estate agency you encounter, or be fooled by shiny advertisements featuring heavily hair-sprayed blondes. Get a list of area agencies, and then proceed to step 2.
  1. Ask hard questions
    One of the benefits of living in America is that our society is very direct. Profit from that openness and ask the hard questions to determine the best rates real estate agencies in your area have to offer. If you don’t ask, you won’t get the answer. Even if an agency refuses to answer, avoidance of the question tells you just as much. Namely, to move on.
  1. Go with Your Gut
    The best real estate rates should be where the best people are. If you encounter a team that is friendly and professional, open and sincere, then you’re in the right place.

When it comes to your future, and the future of the ones you love, you need the best rates in real estate.

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