Robert Donica

How We Stand Out From The Rest

One of the first things we did when we formed Rocket Realty was ask ourselves who we wanted to be. That was an easy question for us to answer. We wanted to be the solution to a problem. We wanted to be leaders in our industry. And we most wanted to be what consumers need their REALTORS to be – honest, compassionate, diligent, knowledgeable, and approachable.  The “how” part of the equation, well… that was a bit trickier.

Building A Parternship With A Plan

To get us on the right track, I met with one of the greatest business minds I know. His name is John, and he own and operates a very successful title company. John doesn’t have the largest company among my entrepreneurial friends, but I think he has the most extraordinary one. When you walk in the door of many title companies, it feels like you are going to a funeral. All business, no fun. Now it’s true that title companies have some serious business to do, but it would still be okay if they smiled once in a while! In John’s office, everyone smiles. All the time. Seriously.

These people love what they do. Clients love doing business with them. If you just sit and watch them without knowing what business they were in, you’d guess they are selling kittens or designing toys. And the people coming in the door were there to pick up their kittens and toys. Everyone is so blasted happy!  So that’s why I met with John. We didn’t just want a business where we made money; we wanted a business where making money was the by-product of happy employees and happy customers.a la carte realtor

Gaining “Traction” In Our Campaign

One of John’s early recommendations was to set our core values and let them lead us to where we want to be. Using the book Traction, by Gino Wickman, we endeavored to define some of the What, Who, and How we were going to intentionally become who we wanted to be.

After some serious noodling on the topic, we came up with the six core values that are the heart of everything we do here at Rocket. Now these are internal values are used to measure compatibility in the team and success in our firm. They weren’t designed for marketing to consumers, but I figure part of the reason you are reading our blog is because you want to know who we are and what we’re all about. Well, this is it. These are the yardsticks we use to measure our success and determine if someone is going to be a good fit on our team:

  1. Clients’ needs first – ALWAYS
  2. Passion for the brand
  3. No jerks
  4. Highly accountable
  5. Committed to the team
  6. Success defined by results

In the next six blog posts, I’ll be delving into what exactly these mean for our company, our industry, and our clients. I hope you’ll enjoy getting to know Rocket Realty on a deeper level. We look forward to letting you see it in action!

Good luck out there!