Robert Donica

The Value of Friendship

Friends are important, aren’t they? They make us laugh, give us companionship, and join us on our adventures. I am blessed with gobs of good friends. Some are from high school, some from college, some from past jobs, and some are from church. I even have a few good friends that I met while on vacation (sipping cocktails on the beach can be a bonding experience!). If I imagine my life without friends, it’s a pretty stark landscape.

While the first thought about friends usually takes us to a happy place, we’d be remiss if we didn’t include the tough stuff they do with us. They grieve with us, pick us up when we’re down, and offer meaningful, albeit difficult, advice and criticism. I have one friend in particular who I can call when I need brutal honesty. She often fails to tell me what I want to hear, but she never fails to tell me what I NEED to hear. So what in the world does all this have to do with real estate, you ask? Hold on, I’m getting there…

The Benefit of Straight Shooters

The other day I was on a conference call with our marketing company, whose president I happen to be friends with. His name is Chris, and he’s a straight shooter if I ever saw one. Chris had the courage to say something I had only been noodling for the last few months. “Do you think you come off as negative and a little doomsday sometimes?” he asked. BAM! A reality punch right between the eyes. We were talking about the content of my blogs and our website, and I knew exactly what he meant when he said it. I’m so focused on helping people see the dangers in my industry that I’m more Darth Vader than Princess Leia these days. He’s right, I’m a little doomsday aren’t I? So let’s dig into this a little so you have a better understanding why I’m that way (and how I’m going to change it moving forward).team

I have seen the worst of the worst. I know how bad it can be, and I know the consequences fall squarely on the shoulders of the consumer. I know the governing agencies are more about PR and membership dues than quality, and I know that consumers have little alternative other than to throw a dart and hope it hits the very tiny bulls-eye of a decent real estate agent. I can’t un-know these things, and I can’t sleep at night if I don’t try and do something about it. Mired in all this muck, I can be a Debbie Downer sometimes.

But there is good news!

There are some great agents out there. The market is in full-on recovery mode, and mortgage rates are still amazingly low. You are not guaranteed to have a miserable experience. Most of the dirty stuff happens behind your back, so you probably won’t know if you are being jerked around anyway. I just want the VERY BEST for each consumer, and I want my industry to rise above its currently low standards. I started Rocket Realty to be the change I wanted to see in the world, but to be that, I have to wage some unfortunately ugly battles. And I want you, Mr. and Mrs. Consumer, to know what those battles are so you can wage them for yourself. Ask for meaningful services, ask for accountability, ask for a better rate, etc.

I don’t want to scare you thinking it’s Rocket Realty or death. But it could easily be Rocket Realty or subpar. For all the money you are spending and the value at stake, you deserve AMAZING. You deserve FABULOUS. You deserve THE BEST. If we can’t be that for you, I’ll personally recommend someone who I know will be. It’s that important to me.

Stay Positive

So knowing my days are steeped in battling enemies called Mediocrity, Untrained, and Overpaid, I’m sure you understand why it’s hard to be cheery-toned in my blogs. But I still should be, shouldn’t I? If I’m going to help pull us out of this swamp, I’ve got to keep my chin up. So I’ll make you a deal. You stay on your toes, ask good questions, and consider that maybe there is a better way to sell your house, and I’ll lay off the “End is Near” mantra for awhile. Sound good? It sure does to me! I’m ready to focus on more than just what needs fixing – I’m ready to focus on being the solution.

Get ready, Indy. Change, it is a comin’!

Wish me luck ;)