Robert Donica

We Enjoy Being Different Than The Rest

When you think of how real estate agents market themselves, you probably think of things like billboards, grocery carts, and newspaper ads. It seems like everywhere you turn, you see ads of highly coiffed agents posing with SOLD signs or grinning over their shoulders (Glamor Shots made a mint on Realtors!).

*On a side note, we get a little tickled every time we meet an agent who looks NOTHING like their picture. What’s the point? Sadly, real estate agents rarely fail to plant themselves firmly in a stereotype, which perplexes us. For our team here at Rocket Realty, we want you to know we are different, but I digress…


Signs Everywhere

Let’s revisit marketing options we were discussing a paragraph ago. While the carts, newspapers etc. are ways a real estate agent can market themselves, those aren’t the biggest and best options. YOUR PROPERTY provides the biggest (and cheapest) opportunity an agent has to pick up new business, specifically through the use of yard way to sell a house

When I first got my license, I had to work under another broker for 2 years before I could start my own brokerage. Since I was brand new to retail real estate, my broker urged me to do as many open houses as possible. Everyone knows that open houses don’t sell houses, so why would she want me to do so many? The answer – YARD SIGNS! I could stick signs in every yard, on every street corner, and every neighborhood entrance where I was conducting an open house.

Even though I didn’t yet have listings of my own, I could use another agent’s listing to build my own business. The listing agent was happy to get someone else to do their relatively low-return activities, and I was happy to get my name in someone’s yard (even if it was only for a few days). I went from an unknown agent in my market to a top producer in my office in a matter of 12 months, thanks in large part to those signs. And in case you are wondering, I never once sold one of those houses through an open house.


Advertise With Style, Not Abundance

Here’s another concept to consider. During my time at that firm, they would occasionally do a “sign blitz.” The blitz was designed to “paint the town red” with our branded signs. We were told to add extra signage at neighborhood entrances and busy intersections. We could use our collective listings to push our brand and get new listings. You might call it a “shock and awe” campaign. Never once during the instructions of the blitz did they mention selling the houses they already have listed. This was simply to leverage existing listings to get new ones.

Now I’m not saying that signs are bad. I think having a professional, noticeable sign in the yard is critical to properly marketing a property. However, I do think that having signs littering your neighborhood entrance cheapens a buyer’s first impression. And all those directional signs that agents use for personal promotion make our communities look trashy. When is the last time you looked for a house to buy by following directional signs? With google maps and house hunting apps galore, these signs are far more about getting an agent’s name out there than marketing your property. Perhaps it’s time to revisit some of our sign ordinances…


Good luck out there!