Robert Donica


My Biggest Pet Peeve

It’s confession time. I’m pretty patient when it comes to my children, co-workers, etc. But I have one area that, if provoked, will send me through the roof. It’s people who won’t accept responsibility for their actions or inactions. (Just typing that made my heart rate increase.) Merriam-Webster simply has this to say about accountability:

“The quality or state of being accountable; especially :  an obligation or willingness to accept responsibility or to account for one’s actions <public officials lacking accountability>”

That’s it. Pretty simple, yet for some reason very, very difficult. Here’s how I taught it to my children:BIG CTA

If you tell someone you are going to do something, then you do it. Period. A better offer, lack of time management, or waned interest does not release you from your obligation. You will learn from commitments you regret and make more informed commitments in the future, but you must always honor your word. If for some reason you are totally unable to fulfill your responsibility, you owe two things:

  1. An apology.
  2. An offer to make things right.

What’s the Trouble?

It seems so basic, but clearly accountability is a rare trait. Think of all the times someone had said they would do something a certain way, but didn’t. Did they point fingers? Blame someone else? Probably. Did you ever get an apology? Probably not. Now think of all the times something has gone wrong. Did the offensive party make retribution? Did they express concern or regret? Doubtfully. So here’s my promise to you:

If we mess up, we’ll say we’re sorry. And then we’ll make it right. We won’t blame the title company, lender, or other agent for our shortcomings. We actively seek to anticipate problems and head them off at the pass. If we fail, you’ll know it. We won’t lie, hide it, or explain it away. We strive for perfection, but sometimes being human gets in the way. The least we can do is assure you that we’re going to make it right.

In summary, if we find a new prospect to be less than highly accountable, they can’t work at Rocket Realty. We deserve better co-workers, and you deserve better representation.

Good luck out there,