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As the cheapest real estate agent, Rocket Realty, works hard to get investors like you the results you really need.

As a real estate investor, you are probably used to searching out and working with the cheapest real estate agent in your area that will promise quality service.  And when investors like you often spend a median of $7,5000 to restore each new property, on top of the purchase price, looking for savings on your agent is the only thing to do! Whether you choose a new agent with each investment or have worked with the same one for years, you probably have two clear standards: savings and results.

cheapest real estate agentYou look for the cheapest agent around in order to get the greatest return on your investment.  And, at the same time, you know that a bargain is only really a good deal if that agent can also provide you the results you need: clear communication, expert insight, and the most efficient sale possible.

But how do discount agents like Rocket Realty get investors like you the results you really need without breaking the bank?

  • Start Simple. To become the cheapest real estate agent in an area, an agency has to start with that intention in mind.  For example, Rocket Realty has kept things simple in terms of their own offices in order to pass their savings on to their clients.  So, rather than having a fancy, and expensive office that investors like you end up paying for in high fees and commission, they have kept their home base straightforward and practical in order to share the savings.
  • Use Technology Well. It takes a certain level of expertise to use technology well for the purpose of saving money.  While some programs and equipment are flashy but provide minimal results, others can make a major difference in the process of the sale.  Some of the most important elements that discount real estate agencies are using include:
    • Centralized Showings- a program that lets potential buyers book showings 24/7 using a centralized service
    • E-signatures- save time and money by signing all of your documents through this secure program, saving you many trips across town!
    • Electronic Lock Boxes – although these may not initially seem like money saving devices, the reality is that these offer the security against expensive break-ins that could otherwise result in major losses
  • Offer Expert Insight.  Finally, the cheapest real estate agent is only worth your time and money if she or he can offer you the expert service you really need at the best cost.  One way that agencies do this is by providing a team of specialized agents, so that each member develops a heightened level of expertise in a particular area of the real estate process.

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