Robert Donica

If only we could add “saving money” to the list of things that are certain in life, right after death and taxes.

My father always said that there are two things we can count on in life: death and taxes. Of course, even death in life is seems a bit contradictory, doesn’t it?  Perhaps we can’t really guarantee anything, especially when it comes to investments.  However, there are ways to ensure relative ease of sale, starting with getting the Best commission rates real estate agent.

How to Get the Best Commission Rates Real Estate Agent

  • Best commission rates real estate agentDon’t settle for the first agent you encounter. Open your horizons, and shop around. The internet can be your biggest resource. These days, real estate agents are reviewed in several places online, and you can see how others’ experiences were. Then, narrow down your selection by location and convenience.
  • Look for a real estate agent who is willing to be flexible with you.  Although have binding limitations due to their agencies, many have the freedom and willingness to negotiate.  If you play your cards right, this could mean great savings for you!  
  • Watch for 4.5% commission. The nationwide average is 6%, and can climb as high as 10%. There are real estate agencies that offer 4.5% commission rates out there, though. If your property goes for $400,000, you’ll save between 6,000 and 22,000 by opting for one of these.
  • Go FSBO. For Sale By Owners are generally on their own. Most Real Estate Agents won’t even talk to them for less than 6%. Rocket Realty has the best commission rates real estate agent, and will help FSBOs with a free comparative market analysis, and will change only a flat fee if you find the buyer.

Ease of Sale

Once you have a real estate agent on your side who is offering you a fantastic commission rate, you can…

  • Stand Out. In the world of cookie-cutter neighborhoods, Investopedia suggests you change a roof, a balcony, or the landscaping to get a better price for your property.
  • Go Green. Trees, flowers, shrubbery: these are a few of my favorite things. Any home can benefit from the ambiance of a well-groomed, lush landscape.
  • Get Up To Code. Any plumbing or maintenance issues are going to throw a wrench in your plans to sell quickly. However, having the house ready to move into is a huge selling point. If there is no painting to be done, no wallpaper to tear down, and no leaky windows to fix, you are much more likely to get a buyer quickly.
  • Price well.  Look into the market, and then price your property accordingly. All of these other suggestions are moot if the property is too expensive. Nobody wants to pay more than market value. On the other hand, all of the improvements you have already made contribute to raising the market value, so everybody wins.

If you do all of this, and find the best commission rates real estate agents have to offer, you have a good chance of saving money on a relatively easy sale!  If you have any questions along the way, check in with the Rocket Realty team for help.