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Rocket Realty shares the secrets of how to save money in real estate broker fees (and still get great service.)

If you are a real estate investor, you probably know far more about the real estate industry than a standard homeowner.  You know the secrets of looking for the best value in a property as you pursue a great return on your investment.  However, do you know all the secrets of saving along the way?  High brokers’ fees can make a significant dent in your ROI, and many investors like you have come to us asking how to save money in real estate broker fees.

How To Save Money In Real Estate Broker FeesAt Rocket Realty, we are dedicated to helping investors like you get the best possible savings as well as outstanding service. So, we’ve compiled a list of three strategies that will get you started thinking about how to save money in real estate broker fees and still get the services you need.

Do What You Can On Your Own

Over the past decade, the number of FSBO listings have been rapidly increasing.  More and more investors and homeowners are realizing that they are perfectly capable of doing most, if not all, of the work of selling a home on their own.  It’s not rocket science!

If you are an investor who anticipates buying and selling frequently, it would certainly be beneficial to learn certain aspects of the trade, including staging your property or marketing the listing.  Even if you can’t do the whole thing yourself, an a la carte real estate agency like Rocket Realty can help you fill in the gaps with just the services you need.

Question The “Standard” Rate

For years, 6% has been the standard number given for a real estate broker or agent’s commission.  However, more and more agents are brokers are coming out saying that really, there isn’t a standard anymore.  Almost all rates within the world of real estate are negotiable, and so it is always worth asking an agent if they would be willing to work with you on the rate.  After all, the answer is always no unless you ask!

Find A Discount Agency Like Rocket Realty

Finally, look for a discount agency like Rocket Realty.  Designed with a different structure than normal agencies, we are dedicated to offering investors like you excellent service for a low price!  With flat free, a la carte services, we never make our clients pay for services they don’t need.  We want to work with you as you make this transaction your own.

Still Asking How To Save Money In Real Estate Broker Fees?

If you want more ideas about how to save money in the world of real estate investment, check out our blog today!

How To Save Money In Real Estate Broker Fees | How To Save Money On Real Estate Broker Fees