Robert Donica

As part of a local title company, you probably spend a good deal of time talking with sellers and buyers about flat rate real estate agents in the area.  If you have been in the business for a while, you probably know the names and contact information of each of a homeowner’s major options.  But do you know what really sets each agency apart?

Even though many may claim to be flat rate agents or agencies, there is only one Rocket Realty.  Before you meet with your next client, make sure that you have the facts about why we stand out among local real estate agents.

A Flat Rate Agency Helping Clients Save

flat rateThere is no doubt that your clients want to save money as they go through the process of selling their homes.  After all, who doesn’t want some extra cash these days?  So, a flat rate agent who offers a straightforward and low fee to fill out closing paperwork can be a great option for many.

This arrangement allows homeowners to orchestrate the sale of their home on their own terms while still having the confidence that their final papers are in good order.  At Rocket Realty, we want to support these endeavors and believe that one of the best ways to do so is by keeping our rates clear, consistent, and affordable.

Reduced Commission Sellers Won’t Find Anywhere Else

If clients are interested in working with a full service agency but are worried about overspending, make sure that you emphasize the unique discount available with Rocket Realty.  If a homeowner is able to find their own buyer while working with the Rocket Realty team, we offer them a reduction in commission. After all, why should clients have to pay extra when they have already done some of the work themselves?

Keeping It Simple

Many flat rate real estate agencies may claim to keep it simple when it comes to payment policies. At Rocket Realty, though, we believed that this straightforward approach should actually inform every level of our work!  We started out our agency looking for a way to help clients save money while selling their home, and along the way we have realized that keeping things simple from start to finish helps us achieve this goal.  Additionally, a simple approach is a lot more satisfying to our clients, who can feel more actively involved in the sale of their home.

For more information about Rocket Realty and what sets us apart, contact us today!