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Whether you have sold a home before, or this is your first time, you are probably approaching the process with some apprehension.  We have all heard the stories of frustration and fees that don’t make sense.  In fact, it was stories like these that helped to inspire Rocket Realty and the hope that we could do things differently.  Once you hear about our unique approach and amazing team, we are confident that you will agree: Rocket Realty is the way to go.

A Unique Approach

rocket realtyWhen we took a look at the way real estate was being done, it was clear that there were some elements in the traditional process that simply benefit the real estate agent, but not the buyers or sellers.  Rather than step into the same model, we decided to start with a different question: how can we change this system to help buyers and sellers save thousands?

We have made changes on almost every level, starting with the basics.  While still providing outstanding service, we have kept our own operating costs low, so we can pass those savings on to you.  This dedication to simplicity defines our communication as well.  We don’t want our work to be a mystery; at the beginning of our process, we discuss your goals and the way your agent and team will support them.  We find that the process is smoother and more rewarding when everyone is on board!

Working With You

Clear communication is just one of the ways that Rocket Realty team will make you the priority.  In addition to respecting your time and intelligence, we also value your equity.  So, if you find the buyer for your home, we are going to reduce the commission.  After all, we wouldn’t want to pay full price if we found our own buyer, so you shouldn’t have to either.

Rocket Realty Team

Another important innovation that we have brought to real estate is the opportunity for specialization and optimization.  Now, instead of talking about “my real estate agent,” you can talk about “Rocket Realty team.”  Rather than hoping that each of our agents would be an expert in every stage of the transaction process, we have engineered a model for consistent success.  With our team approach, the different stages of your transaction will be managed by expert team members who love what they do, and you get to benefit from this combination or practice and passion.

For more information on how our team can work with you please contact Rocket Realty today!

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