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People: Life’s Best Gift

So as my last post before Christmas, I thought I’d take a break from sharing the problems in the real estate industry and share one of the positives. There are, though they are often overshadowed, some really great things happening in real estate.

Now when I say “great things,” what I really mean are “great people.” That’s because real estate is undeniably a people business. One shining example is Greg Leugers. While there are tons of agents who have no business selling ice cream off a truck, let alone selling houses, Greg is an agent who stands out from the rest. He’s the kind of agent we try to do as much business with as possible. He’s the kind of agent we look to for outside advice. He’s the kind of agent we’d refer you to if a partnership with us wasn’t a great fit. In short, he’s the kind of agent who will save this industry if there is anything left to salvage. I just hate that he’s woefully out-numbered.

Meet Greg

When we first started doing cross deals with Greg, he was kind and inquisitive. He didn’t freak out because our business model was different from his. He didn’t say we were bad, and he was better. Greg recognized that we were different, and he thought it was good for the marketplace to be diverse and competitive. Let me just tell you from my experience in the industry, that’s like finding an unclaimed diamond ring in a border town – RARE. Time after time, Greg and his team performed beautifully in their transactions and sought out new ways for us to do business together. He never looked for a way to cut us out or cheat us – a win/win is the only way he does business.

I’ve seen Greg make personal sacrifices for this clients and advocate for them when transactions became challenging. He is quick with a thank you and short on snap judgments. And to top everything off, my favorite part about Greg and his team is their sense of humor. Even in the middle of a crisis, he makes us laugh. I imagine his clients adore him for that same reason, and it’s no doubt that Greg earns every penny he makes. While the Greg Leugers of the real estate world are nearly impossible to find, even I have to admit that they are out there.

Why are they so hard to find? It’s a simple answer. NUMBERS. Greg and the few like him are so terribly out-numbered that they’re like finding a needle in a haystack. The good news is that we’ve done a zillion transactions, and we can point you in the right direction if Rocket Realty isn’t the best fit for you. So let us do that. Let us be your first stop, and if the magic isn’t there, we’ll send you to someone who will warm your heart and earn their keep – just like our favorite Keller Williams agent Greg Leugers!


Here’s a picture of the Christmas present Greg brought over to us. He personally delivered it in a Santa bag! You should know that picture is now proudly displayed in our office. He is, after all, our favorite!


Good luck out there!


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  1. Sal
    04.04.2015 at 23:07

    Greg is a great guy. Loved reading this article!