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What do investors need in an agent? Hint: it’s more than just the best commission rates REALTOR.

If you are just beginning your journey in real estate investments, you may have already realized that one of the most important decisions you make will be the real estate agent you choose to work with.  Of course, with so many competing claims out there, how can you be sure you are making the right decision?  Should you just go with the best commission rates REALTOR, or do you need to be looking for something else?

best commission rates realtorAt Rocket Realty, we want new investors like you to be able to make the best decision as you take the first steps into the exciting world of real estate investment.  So, we encourage you to look beyond just the promise of the “best commission rates REALTOR” and consider the experience, location, and overall fees of each potential agent before you make your final decision.  

Can The “Best Commission Rates REALTOR” Offer You:

  • Experience.  As Brian O’Connell reminds us in his recent article, the average qualification for a real estate license is only 70 hours of training.  For perspective, this is over 300 hours less than the average for cosmetologists!  So, in a field where it is so easy to get started, it is important to look for experience you can trust.  In particular, look for real estate agents who have worked with investors before and helped them get a great return on their investment.  In addition to asking the agent or broker about his or her experience, you can ask for references from some recent clients to confirm the agent’s report.

  • Location.  Even years of investment real estate experience means little, though, if your agent does not know the local market.  Looking for someone who knows the neighborhoods or city where you would like to invest is key; this is how you will gain priceless insider perspective about where the real value is in a given area.

  • Overall Fees.  Finally, be sure to investigate into the real cost of any “best commission rates REALTOR” you find.  You should be given a clear, up front picture about the agent’s  fees. What services are you really paying for?  Are you obligated to pay for any services that you don’t actually need? What will the penalty look like if you find you need to break contract at any point? These questions are important to ask up front, so that you won’t discover you don’t like the answers when it’s already too late.

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