Robert Donica

Core Value Series 2 of 6

Great minds think alike.

In my opinion, Maya Angelou was one of the greatest women to walk the earth in modern history. Her stories, hercompassion, and her wisdom will be remembered for generations. She has a lot of great quotes (like “No one has ever become poor by giving.”). One particular quote that stands out to me is about passion. Maya Angelou believed true accomplishment came through passion for your work. She had a passion for peace, tolerance, and equality. At Rocket Realty, we have our own passions. We believe, fervently, that buyers and sellers deserve honesty, focus, and fairness.  That’s why we don’t charge more than 4.5% in total commission. We aren’t rocket scientists, so we don’t make you pay us like we are!

Rocket Scientists ain’t got nothin’ on us!

While we may not be rocket scientists, don’t think for a minute that we’re not dedicated, intelligent Realtors. We are. We LOVE what we do, and we’re committed to doing it in a better way than Indianapolis residents have had ever had available to them. We aren’t doing our jobs to get rich quick. We’ll be compensated well for our efforts, but even better we’re making a positive change in the market place. As more people choose Rocket Realty and firms like us, the other agents will be forced to rethink their archaic ways of doing business. But challenging the status quo is not for the faint of heart.

Lovers of Retained Equity – Unite!

That’s why we chose “Passion for the brand” as one of our core values. It takes a commitment to the long terms goals, ideology, and altruistic vision of our company to be successful here. “Get rich quick” schemers are not welcome. Naysayers, members of the old boys club, and lovers of tradition for tradition’s sake must hit the door. Here, we are champions of new standards, fighters for consumer outcomes, and lovers of retained equity. Only agents with self-awareness, a deep sense of integrity, and a vision of a better way for consumers will make the cut at Rocket Realty. Sadly, most agencies will take anyone with a pulse as an agent. To them, money is money. Not us. Not ever.  You gotta have a pounding heart for new paradigms to make it in this bunch. We are fearless. We are Rocket Realty!

Pretty soon, Indy won’t be able to take her eyes off us. Just you wait and see!

Good luck out there,