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Rocket Realty offers the reduced commission Greenwood homeowners like you deserve.

People try all sorts of crazy tricks to save money when they are in the process of moving.  After all, every dollar counts during this transitional phase.  But instead of selling all of your furniture in a yard sale or hiring the neighborhood kids to carry all of those boxes out to the van instead of a moving crew, turn to Rocket Realty for a more reliable way to save.  With several ways to save, including the best reduced commission Greenwood residents can find, Rocket Realty is your partner for stress free savings during the sale of your home.

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A New Approach to Real Estate

At Rocket Realty, we understand the importance of savings when you are buying or selling a house.  In fact, when we started this company, our driving question was: “Can we revolutionize the real estate industry by helping buyers and sellers save thousands?”  It was the realization that we could really achieve that goal that has driven us to create a novel approach to the real estate business.


By keeping things simple and reorganizing our internal processes, we are able to cut costs for our clients from the outset.  In addition to passing our savings on to you, we are also able to focus on providing the best possible service to each client, rather than spending energy maintaining a fancy image.  We get to do what we love best, and everyone saves money along the way; it’s a win win!     

Reduced Commission Greenwood Won’t Find Elsewhere

One of our favorite developments along this journey has been a unique reduced commission Greenwood residents like you won’t find with any other real estate agency.  If you find the buyer for your own home, after you have been working with a Rocket Realty agent, we don’t think you should have to pay the full commission!  So, we offer a reduced commission if the seller finds the buyer.  This policy offers a great opportunity for homeowners like you to get more involved in the process of selling your home without the worry that you’re wasting money.


Get Started With Rocket Realty Today

If you are in the market to sell your home, we can’t wait to meet you!  Contact us today to learn more about how to get full service at a reduced commission Greenwood residents like you really deserve.  To speak with an agent, call us at 844-5ROCKET (844-576-2538).

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